Senior using camera

Many individuals, families and aged care services are looking for seniors entertainment options.

It’s common that health issues slow people down as they age and they may have given up hobbies they once loved.

Here’s a collection of tools that may help seniors enjoy reading, watching TV, and other activities they’ve always done.

Lots of seniors use retirement as an opportunity to take up a new hobby.


Technology to help seniors watch TV

6-button-tv-remote-for-seniorsSimple, Big Button Remote Control

  • Easy to use
  • Simplifies operating the TV by removing all the extra buttons
  • Only 6 buttons – on/off, mute, volume up and down and channel up and down
  • Universal remote – works with most flat screen TVs
  • Large back lit buttons
  • Tactile buttons in different shapes – great for low vision users
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Can buy online and get it delivered to you from here.


Technology to help seniors with low vision

It is very common for vision to deteriorate as you get older.

Initially, people may get around this by using magnifying glasses. These come in different strengths and basic ones are widely available. The key thing to look out for, is one that has a light built into it. Beyond this, the worse your vision is, the stronger the magnifier you’ll need.

If you’re looking for something to buy online which can be delivered to you, this is a good one for seniors who have mild vision loss.

Magnifying Glass with LED Light and Interchangeable Illuminated Heads

  • Interchangeable illuminated heads in 3 sizes for great value
  • 2.5x, 5x and 16x lenses
  • Use different sizes for different sized print and different tasks
  • Requires 3 standard AAA batteries
  • Able to buy online and have it delivered to you. has many more reviews of magnifying glasses for low vision.



STRONG magnification for seniors with moderate low vision

Technology solutions for seniors with low visionIf your vision has deteriorated to a point where magnifying glasses with a light are no longer helpful, the next thing to try is a digital magnifier (also known as an electronic magnifier, video magnifier, or low vision cctv).

Digital magnifiers are much more powerful than standard magnifying glasses. They’re also more expensive! But most people who get them find them wonderful and worth the cost.

I’ve heard many people tell me, that before they got their digital magnifier they were struggling with not being able to read their own mail and bills, and with it they get their independence back.


Handheld digital magnifiers are small enough to fit in your bag or pocket. You can use them when shopping, reading, and general daily use in and out of the home.

This is a good one for mild to moderate vision loss.

Pebble Rechargeable Hand-Held Digital Magnifier

  • 4.3″ HD screen
  • Magnify from 1.25x to 13.5x
  • Use the handle to view 3D objects
  • The handle folds under and rests flat on the page when you’re reading, to keep it at the right height to focus clearly.
  • 28 colour contrast modes good for people with problems with contrast, brightness or colours
  • Able to buy online and have delivered to you



iPhones and iPads for seniors

Iphones can be rewarding for seniors who like learning technology

Some seniors love the challenge of learning something new!

We all know that keeping your brain active as you age is good for you.

iPhones and iPads are a great source of entertainment and a great way to keep in contact with loved ones.

Yes, they’ll probably take you a while to learn. That can be part of the fun!

Think of it as new hobby. One that not only keeps your mind active but also keeps you connected to the others in your life.

If you’re up for the challenge it can be a rewarding accomplishment!

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