These are my top 3 picks for the best mobile phones for seniors currently on the market in Australia.


1. Doro PhoneEasy 623Doro PhoneEasy 623 large button mobile phone

  • The “clam shell” style mobile phone makes it easy to answer and end calls. Simply answer by opening the phone and end by closing the phone.
  • Hearing aid compatible (M4/T4)
  • High contrast black keys against white phone make it easy to see for seniors with low vision
  • Large font on bright screen
  • Talking keys when typing numbers
  • Charging cradle good for those with low dexterity
  • 3G
  • One touch speed dial numbers
  • Assistance button for emergencies
  • Lots of additional features for those who want them, yet still easy to use for those who don’t want the bells and whistles. Includes radio, camera, video, calculator, games, calendar with reminders and more.
  • Available from Optus

Pros: This is my favourite mobile phone for seniors – particularly those with vision or hearing problems.

Cons: Currently only on the Optus network.



2. Telstra EasyCall 3Large button mobile phone for seniors from Telstra

  • Large buttons with large font
  • Large font on back lit screen
  • Able to preset speed dial numbers
  • Talking keys when typing numbers
  • Charging cradle good for those with low dexterity
  • 3G
  • Alert switch for emergencies
  • Available from Telstra

Pros: Recommended for rural coverage.

Cons: Pale grey numbers on dark grey keys isn’t the best contrast.



3.  KISA mobile phoneCustomisable, simple mobile phone for seniors

  • Simple to use.  Makes calls with a single button press.
  • Uniquely customisable. Different color options and patterns available
  • Have up to 10 personalised numbers preset
  • Large font text or use pictures for easy recognition
  • Long battery life can last over 7 days on standby
  • Charging cradle good for those with low dexterity
  • 3G
  • Important medical information can be printed on the back
  • Emergency services SOS button
  • Option to track GPS location so family members can find their loved one
  • Australian owned company
  • Durable. No screen to crack.
  • Available from KISA phones

Pros: Easy to use. Great for seniors who struggles with modern technology.

Cons: Limited flexibility as can only call the preset numbers.


A word on smart phones for seniors

Smart phones for seniors

Seniors who have a higher familiarity with technology, who have family members or friends to help them out, or who want to keep their minds sharp by learning new things, might be interested in smart phones.

Smart phones have some excellent features for seniors, such as very large font, and being able to give voice commands, dictate messages and have messages read out to you.

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