Big button seniors phone

Mobile phones for seniors

These are my top 3 picks for the best mobile phones for seniors currently on the market in Australia.   1. Doro PhoneEasy 623 The “clam shell” style mobile phone makes it easy to answer and end calls. Simply answer

Apple iPhones and iPads can be used by savvy seniors

iPhones and iPads for Seniors

Are iPhones and iPads suitable for seniors? Sure, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people want to keep their lives as simple as possible and aren’t interested in technology. But don’t rule them out for all! I’ve taught dozens

Take up a new hobby in your senior years

Technology for seniors entertainment

Many individuals, families and aged care services are looking for seniors entertainment options. It’s common that health issues slow people down as they age and they may have given up hobbies they once loved. Here’s a collection of tools that

Seniors technology specialist in Australia


I’m an assistive technology specialist based in Adelaide, South Australia.  “Assistive technology” is the field of using technology to help people overcome a disability. I help the young and old stay independent, access entertainment and do daily living tasks. The...

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I'd never used a computer before, but now I'm using my iPad to keep in touch with family around Australia. I'd go mad without it!

Penny Adelaide, SA

Seniors with vision or hearing problems

If you have vision or hearing problems, you may have become used to struggling. There could be tools to help you! There are assistive technology aids to help overcome vision loss and hearing loss. There are also entertainment options! iPhones and iPads have features built in to make them accessible to people with low vision, and compatible with some hearing aids.

Man getting a hearing aid